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English Affirmations

I am quickly learning English.

I am a natural English speaker.

I practice my English regularly.

My mind is focused on learning English.

I learn new languages easily.

My brain stores English words efficiently.

I memorize English words easily.

I am extremely motivated to learn English.

I understand English perfectly.

My mind is naturally relaxed when learning.


I will learn English.

Language learning will be easy for me.

I will become a fluent English speaker.

I am developing a passion for English.

I am finding it easier and easier to understand English.

English is becoming a natural part of my mind.

My English is improving.

I will have fun learning English.

I will effortlessly speak English.

I will focus my mind for efficient language learning.


I enjoy studying English.

Speaking English feels completely natural.

I can learn English fast.

My mind is naturally wired for learning English.

I effortlessly pick up on new English words.

Others are amazed at how quickly I learn.

Speaking English is just a normal part of who I am.

I love the English language.

English feels as though it’s my mother tongue.

Learning new languages comes naturally to me.

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